Altoid Tin Challenge

Well the 5 gallon bucket challenge was done awhile back. I was letting the mind wander a bit this morning (it's o.k., it was on a tether ), and wondered who could make the best mini survival kit that would fit into a single pocket. I think savvy survivor or someone made up a little kit that fits in a tin a bit bigger than an Altoides tin but I think that the mints container would be easy for anyone wanting to try since you can find it almost anywhere. Basically Who can fit the most useful stuff inside a tin for let's say three days of hard knocks ( if you think you can get along longer with it that's cool too ). I'd say the outside of the tin can be layered twice ( 550 cord, electrical tape, or a garbage bag, or two condoms, ect ).

5 fishing hooks (useful for all kinds of trapping - not just fishing)
A few razor blades taped together.
A length of thin wire (for traps and such)
A loop of parachute chord (the kind with internal threads)
Water purification supplies
Length of fishing line
Two or three matches
I would wrap the whole can in a heavy plastic bag and a length of tubular plastic.
Of course, I always have my knife on me. First thing I do is start collecting junk that can help me.
All soda cans or any other trash become my tools.

As far as three days goes, you don't need much of a kit for that short of a time.
All you need is shelter (no supplies needed) and heat if it's cold (no supplies needed but wood).
You can easily make it three days with no food or water.
So, I am including the survival items that would make for a longer living experience. It would be impossible to pack enough consumables into a small can to live for three days.
This type of preparation could last you for quite some time.

fish hooks (2 #8, 1 #4)
2 sealed alcohol wipes (make great emergency fire starter)
fishing line(8lb & 30lb), black thread, and med tape "spooled" on narrow plastic card
4 needles (2 large 2 small)
6 safety pins, large med small 2 each
small zip ties (2or3, don't remember)
6 water purification tabs
wax-coated waterproof matches w/striker strips sealed in plastic
dryer lint (fire starter)
popsicle stick (dry kindling)
little wooden ice cream spoon
folded square of HD aluminum foil
a few inches thin diameter flexible tubing (for gathering water from seeps)
bouillon cube
hard candy (1)
2 broadhead blades from Thunderhead 100gr. broadhead assembly
1 razor blade
2 band aids
a few feet of electrical tape sealing the seam
a few feet of 550 cord wrapped around outside of tin

6 Chlor Floc tablets
2 condoms
1 2.5" lockback knife
1 Suunto wrist compass
2 wire ties (tie off condoms with water)
1 trick birthday candle
4 hooks + sinkers + fish line
2 needles
2 aspirin,2 imodium,2 cold pills
2 hexamine
1 book MRE matches, was gonna seal some wooden ones but too lazy
outside is a garbage bag in a ziplock wrapped with some 550 to protect it and that is held on with some bike innertube which could also be used for firestarters

2 alcohol wipes
2 large bandages
Small sewing kit [needle, thread, 2x small safety pins]
4 6 black zip-ties
72 5 lbs. monofilament [wound very tight, to be used as leader for 550 cord fishing line]
4 - #10 dry flies [can be stripped if a bare hook is needed, but would be easier to use if cold and wet instead of having to look for fish bait]
4 medium pinch lead weights
5 Benadryl [if you've ever been taken out by an ant, you know what these are for]
4 Maalox
4 Excedrin
Small, 1.25 Buck Knife lock blade folder [key chain type]
2 Chiclets [Lunch & Dinner!]
12 water proof matches [cut down to 1.5]
Taped to inside of lid with 6 2 x 3 pieces of duct tape
4 striker strips from books of matches
1 1/2 x 3 x 1/16 thin, polished stainless steel piece to be used as mirror
The whole tin is then wrapped width-wise with 1 2 x 36 piece of duct tape and length-wise with 1 2 x 72 piece of duct tape. Then wrapped with 10 550 cord.