The Cache Challenge :

What I got in a 5 gal. bucket!

from assaultweb.net

1 pr BDU's/W extra pr. pants
2 sets of under clothes--1-female and 1--male
2 pr. Socks
2 MRE's, broken down (on top)
1 lb rice
3 cans tuna
salt & pepper
1 Canteen & cup in pouch/W web belt
1 First Aid kit/W pouch also contains fish hooks & line
1 30 rd AR mag/full and 60 additional rds of ammo
1 .32 ACP/W 2 mags & 1 box ammo
1 Lock Back folding knife/ W 31/2" blade
1 disposible lighter
1 bottle water purification tablets
2 black watch caps

9mm Pistol & 2 hi-cap mags
Ammo 132 rounds
5 MRE's & other food (powerbars...)
1/2 gallon of water
Fire starting kit
Poncho w/liner
Fishing line, hooks, weights
Change of clothes w/cap and two pair socks
trip wire
Note pad and pencil
Flashlight and batteries (batteries triple packaged)
10'x10' plastic tarp
water purification tablets
10 fuel bars (fire)
3 plastic trash bags boots
Complete first aid kit
Everything but the 1/2 gallon of water is sealed in a double bag inside the bucket.
5 gallon bucket is painted cammo--it is hidden, not buried.

Bucket with Lid
Itemized list taped to inside and outside of lid
2 large black trash bags
Medium white trash bag
Eye dressing kit
2 Triangular bandages
2 Kerlix dressings
Soap Ace Bandage Razor
5 3x3 Gauze Dental Floss Bottle Aspirin
Tape Sewing kit Extra Nylon thread
Datrex ration (3600 calories) 3 Instant grits
2 cans Tuna Breakfast bar
Instant coffee 2 packs caffeine gum
2 containers wooden matches
3 heat tabs
3 candles cotton balls
Nylon Backpack
Bug repellent
100 yds 30 lbs test line
100 #10 hooks
Trip wire/2 nails
Swiss Army Knife - with saw and scissors
Griffin Sheath knife
Camouflage stick
30' 550 cord
Shoe string
Electrical tape
8 small and 3 large Ziplock bags
1 Qt canteen Canteen cup
50 water purification tabs
Cloth sack
S&W .38 Special
18 rounds ammo
Silicon storage bag
Wool watch cap 3 handwarmers
Space blanket Rain jacket with hood
Jungle boots 2 pair socks
BDU shirt T-shirt
Green Jeans

Java MS
That was an education. A five gallon bucket does not look cavernous but it does look larger than it is. I picked out the things that I thought would be most useful in a cache and started from there.
I tried boots first. They did not fit across the bucket at the bottom. They fit on the side, toes up. A complete set of BDUs took up too much room. I removed them and put in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Little else changed, except I was able to fit in two extra boxes of ammo. So here is the list.
Notepad, pencil and inventory in a baggie at the top.
Folding stove
Watch cap
Flashlight with two D cell batteries
40' Paracord
4 MRE entrees with heaters
4 pack of Chemical hand warmers
80 rounds of 7.62 x 39 4 boxes
T-shirt, sweat pants, socks, and underwear in a large baggie
2 packs of single serving cookies (1.75 oz each)
2 MRE accessories packs
Silicone cloth
Swiss Army knife Medium size with can opener and bottle opener
Swiss Arny knife small with scissors
GI match tube with matches
Small sewing kit
Nail clippers
Sheath knife 7" blade
2 ranger bands on the sheath knife
Folding knife Buck Convertablade with 2 blades
.22 pistol with 100 rounds of hollow point ammo
Leather gloves
1 qt. canteen
2 30 round AK mags with 20 rounds of ammo in each
First Aid kit

Java MS
Folks, we are forgetting one last item. What tool do you have to have to open this bucket to get to your treasures? Screwdriver? Can opener? Whatever you need to open the bucket should be attached to the outside of the cache. Don't assume that you will have it in your pocket. Learned that on another board, a long time ago.

I reckon you could use a BFR

Ever thought about the screw off tops that Sportsman guide sells? We use them on the buckets we got in the house that we store stuff in, and they work really good. Firedoc Oh yes. Gamma Seals are great. I'm still working on my bucket but it has the Gamma seal in place.

Finally got mine done.
5 gallon bucket with Gamma Seal lid
1 set BDU's
1 set underclothes
2 pairs socks
1 Boonie Hat
1 Bandana
1 pair Jungle Boots
1 Casualty Blanket
1 Multitool
1 Fixed Blade Knife (Bushman)
1 pen light
2 Cyalume Light sticks
1 knife sharpener
50' 550 cord
1 small roll Snare Wire
1 Compass
1 Map (in Zip Lock)
1 web belt & buckle
1 Canteen with cover, cup, & stove
1 Bt water purification Tabs
1 1st Aid Kit
1 Bug Repellant
2 lighters
1 pocket fishing kit
1 small container salt
3 power bars
4 zip locks with 1/2 cup rice (fitted in gaps)
1 pad & pencil
1 9mm
50 rnds 9mm ammo
30 rnds 7.62 ammo
And contents taped to lid in a ziplock

i figured i should finally get around to posting whats in my bucket
1 b.d.u. pants
1- figure 4 dead fall trigger
1-green first aid box -military ,
1- m.r.e.
1- metal canteen cup and stove
3-packages of mainstay food bars- 18 bars
1 -jungle boots with socks
1-topo map in ziplock
1-100ft snare wire
1-swiss army knife
5-hot chocalate in zip lock
4-space blankets
1-magnisum fire bar
1-match safe with strike anywhere matches
1-2qt collapasable canteen
1 bushman knife

Repacked and hid one this weekend.
Spare mags
Holster and mag pouches
Sheath knife
Lock blade knife
Swiss Army knife
Leatherman tool
2 MRE's
Day pack
Gun cleaning kit
Canteen w/pouch and cup
Fire starting kit
Poncho w/liner
400.00 cash
40.00 in quarters and 5.00 in dimes
A couple of 14K gold chains and rings
Spare keys (car, house, ect)
Change of clothes
Small set of binoculars
Note pad and pen
Flashlight and batteries (Minimag)
ASP baton
Pepper spray
Boots & socks.
If you aren't mobile, you are dead.
Those 3,600 calorie survival bars. Longer life than MRE's.
Bottle of food tablets.
Katadyn filter
AR-7 survival rifle
coins & cash

Don't forget a silica gel dessicant pack inside the bucket!