Mag Changing and Retaining 



During combat you are going to have to change magazines for your rifle or pistol. Here are a couple different techniques. These were all done standing for clarity but should also be practiced in any shooting position you might be in. Sitting, kneeling, prone and while moving. Also with other weapons you may use. The AR15 ergonomics work very well for these drills.If your weapon stops running you had better start.

If your weapon is empty or fails to operate for some reason, the fastest reload is switching to a secondary weapon.

The weapon has failed to fire from either a malfunction or empty magazine. Tell your battle buddy that your weapon is down and you are switching.
The weapon has been lowered. Notice the use of a single point sling so you can use your hands while still retaining the weapon.
The secondary weapon is up and ready
Some people hold the empty or malfunctioning weapon
in their weak hand when they transition.
If the weapon does not work your best bet
is to concentrate 100% on the working gun.
The enemy is not impressed with a broken gun
being pointed at them
You can use your trouser leg for a dump pouch but you will go back to the way you train which could be affected if using wet or cold weather clothing or overwhites with no trouser pockets
Another option is stuffing the mags down your BDU shirt. A problem here again is when wearing wet or cold weather clothing, overwhites or if used with armor and vests.
When you change mags you will have to determine if you want to retain the mag or drop it clear. Most patriots do not have an endless supply of mags and you cannot count on battlefield resupply. If possible retain them but a magazine is not worth dying over.Drop it if you can't or if you start fumble it! When you change mags be sure to tell your battle buddy you are changing mags so he knows!
Here the magazine is being retained
You can either get a fresh mag or dump the empty first.
I prefer to dump the empty so I can release it
if I need to or dump it and in one smooth motion
bring my hand back up with a charged magazine.
Holding a loaded and empty mag is clumsy and I feel slower.
Try both to see which you like. If the enemy
is close you will not retain the magazine or transition
to your secondary weapon anyways.
Here a fresh mag is grabbed from the pouch and you are retaining the empty with the same hand
The new mag is inserted...
...you have to 'thumb' the bolt release and you are ready to engage if needed.
The mag is then retained.
This time the magazine is removed
Magazine is put into dump pouch
On the way up grab a fresh mag and insert into your mag well
SLAP the side of the reciever to release the bolt instead of looking for the bolt release.NOTICE I NEVER TOOK MY EYES OFF THE ENEMY
In the above pics I was using a HSGI gas mask dump pouch which like all his gear [did you notice the MARPAT holster:)] is top notch. Some people like their dumper high on their weakside. Here I'm using a Maxpedition 'Roly Poly' in that spot.
I prefer the Roly Poly opened and ready to use when working as a dumper. It is also less bulky. Be sure to secue the bottom of the pouch or it will pull up whenever you open it.
Here you remove your magazine and open the roly poly. I do know there is a magazine in the weapon too.
Insert mag into pouch.
And secure the lid. This follow up action is not needed when using a split top pouch like the HSGI or others. HSGI makes their dumper in a PALS version to mount in the same area as the Roly Poly.
A weakness I found in the Roly Poly is when changing mags when prone. I had to take my eyes off the action and lost mags out of the top.
Some people use a carbiner on their gear to retain mags via loops of 550 cord on the bottom. The mags will bounce and bang together sounding like 2 skeletons having sex on a tin roof using a soup can for a condom but are still quieter than your rifle going bang. I find it slow to loop the carbiner and when you go prone they will end up under your nuts.

You'll have to determine if you want your dumper on your legs or up higher. On the legs is easier and more natural to use but is more bulky and any weight on the legs is heavier than the torso.