6 Day Mobile Resupply Bag

Here is a way to resupply yourself in the field or make small caches that you can take with you.

Get a GI buttpack ($10 off ebay) and a GP strap. Hook the strap to the buttpack to make it a shoulder bag.
I can fit 6 days supplies in one.
6 - 2 person dehydrated meals (supper)
6 - 1 person dehydrated meals (lunch) or 6 packs of rice with cup of soup in a ziplock bag
6 - dehydrated granola with blueberries meals (breakfast)
6 - hot cocoa
6 - M&Ms,slim jims, cup of soup or power bars. either one or all
6 days of batteries.

Depending on how you pack this might be all you can fit. Take out a days worth of food and you can add
spare pair of socks (or two)
any other perishable equipment
3 day emergency ration
fuel tabs
baby wipes
bug juice
foot powder

A delivery of this stuff by support personal (or dropped off and picked up at designated location) can keep you out without having to come in for supplies.

Also being in the buttpack, you can keep them made up and ready to go. Wear one over our shoulder, stick one in your pack or attach to the outside and you can easily be out 3+ weeks. The MOLLE buttpack with all the straps works well for this.

Cache some in a 5 gallon bucket. Dig up bucket, open and run.

You can also change the buttpack for desired items.

Maybe a battle pack with a couple bandoleers and a dozen charged mags to resupply you after an engagement?

If your being resupplied why not some water too? Two 2 or 3 liter bottles full of water, gator-aid etc tied together with some 550 cord around the neck so you can carry two in one hand. Add a small length of garden hose to the 550 cord so it won't cut your hand in half. Empty into your canteens, save the 550 and toss the bottles to leave no trace.