CQB Part 3


OK now you are ready to enter the room.

First some ground rules.

1. If the door opens inward (into the room) b always line-up on the opposite side of the doorway as the door knob.
2. If the door opens outward (into the hallway or away from the room) always line up nearest the door knob.
3. The only guy that will always break the rules above is the breacher or the guy that opens the door. This way he is out of the way of the entry team and he can go in last or stay out and provide security which ever would be best.
4. #1 man takes 2 and #2 man takes 1 (corner that is. #1 will typically take the first and second corner in the room and the #2 man will take just one corner. Now if #1 falls down or something like that communication can take place so that the #2 man will go ahead and take 2 corners the #1 man will just take one corner.

By following the above rules it allows the team the quickest and easiest access to the room.

Since we are doing a 2 man entry the 2nd man is the breacher. He is standing on the door knob side of the door because the door opens inward. He will just reach over and turn the knob and push if it is unlocked or he will kick the door in or he will pick the lock for a stealth entry.

The reason we are doing a 2 man entry is so that we have full front and back security in the hallway.

For this type of scenario doing damage to the door is BAD. Remember this is your safe room and a safe room without a front door is bad. So pick the lock.

Once the door is unlocked the #1 man will give the countdown and the breacher will open the door on the count.

Now what happens next will take A LOT longer to read than it does to do it. The millisecond that door is open the #1 man is able to see the deep corner he takes this knowledge with him as he is racing through the FATAL FUNNEL. In the millisecond that his mind needs to process it he will decide if there is a threat there or not. HE DOES NOT STOP MOVING AT ALL DURING THIS TIME. He is headed for his corner. If he sees a threat he can engage it WHILE MOVING to his corner. HE DOES NOT STOP MOVING AT ANY TIME. ALL SHOTS ARE DONE ON THE MOVE. (If he stops for whatever reason he will create a bottleneck in the FATAL FUNNEL and the team may get killed.) DO NOT STOP MOVING!!!!!!!!

If #1 doesn't engage the deep threat while moving to his first corner he will engage the deep threat while moving to his second corner.

Here is our 2 men ready to enter. The #1 man is on the right - and the breacher is on the left. REMEMBER AT THIS POINT THE FIREARMS SHOULD BE POINTED AT THE GROUND! FIREARMS ARE BROUGHT TO BEAR ONLY AFTER THE FATAL FUNNEL HAS BEEN NEGOTIATED!!!(These little GIJoes arms and hands are hard to move around - so I left them all in "patrol carry" position - so look at where the GIJoe is standing - NOT at how they are carrying thier rifle.)

The door is open.

#1 man's view in the open room a millisecond before he enters.

#1 is entering - his Sector of Fire is "red" - #2 (also the breacher) Sector of Fire is "green"

#1 is on his way to his first of two corners

AS SOON AS #1 man is b out of the way our #2 man can begin his crossing of the FATAL FUNNEL. He too had a millisecond to view part of his eventual sector of fire. If there was a threat in his deep zone he can engage it WHILE ON THE MOVE. So whether there is a deep threat or not - he continues to move towards his corner! Chairs, end tables, lamps, etc. are b cast out of the way by kicking them or elbowing or shouldering them.

The corners closest to the door are the biggest danger areas besides the FATAL FUNNEL. Those corners MUST be dominated QUICKLY or all is lost. If these corners are not dominated QUICKLY - the team will be in a cross fire from the flanks and will die.

Besides any bad guy in the deep zone had his OODA loop severely messed with when he sees two guys going in opposite directions. By the time he recovers and gets past the two  O's of OODA our guys have dominated the room and have delivered fight stopping hits to the bad guy.

This cannot be stressed enough b THE CORNERS MUST BE DOMINATED!!!

#1 man is almost at his first corner - and #2 nearly is at his corner as well.

#1 man is on his way to his final corner - and #2 is turning to face his final sector of fire. This is a GREAT spot to hit any targets that may be in the center from a crossfire position. The #1 and #2 man's PRIMARY Sector of Fire is the colored portion - but a "target of opportunity" (in the center) can be engaged by either or both men.

Both of our men are at thier at final points of domination.

Once each man has reached his final area of domination then communication picks back up such as One CLEAR! Two CLEAR! or  Cover me while I check this area etc. Once it has be ascertained that the room contains no threat then the team sounds off in order One Clear Two CLEAR etc. Once all men have sounded off in order, the #1 man in the room yells b ALL CLEAR.

He then sticks his hand out the door with thumb up and invites the other team members and family in the hallway to enter.

Since this WAS an abandoned office there wasn't ANYBODY in the office and the room was cleared without a hitch.

The next installment will cover 3 and 4 man entry into the room just for educational purposes.

cheers tire iron