Malfunction Clearance Drills
by ScottFN308

This thread will deal with techniques for clearing malfunctions. This is not a thread for the different opinions on when one should clear a malfunction, or transition to a sidearm. Everyone has different opinions on this, and to each his own. This thread is for the techniques themselves.

These are also my personal methods and techniques for clearing malfunctions, and nothing more. If you have a better way that works for you, then do it that way. These are just my methods that have worked for me, and what I have been taught in various classes over the years.

That being said, let's get started.

Position 1 Malfunction
Failure to fire.

While firing, weapon goes click instead of bang.

This is what weapon looks like.
Bolt closed and locked.

To clear, rotate weapon to left side and observe what you are dealing with.

Smack magazine on bottom to ensure that it is firmly seated.

Rotate weapon to the right while pulling charging handle firmly to the rear.

Again attempt to fire.

Position 2
Failure to eject "stovepipe"

While firing weapon goes click instead of bang.

This is a classic Position 2
Empty case hanging out of weapon's ejection port.

To clear the technique is the same as the position 1.

Observe the malfunction by tilting weapon to the left.

Smack magazine on the bottom to ensure that it is firmly seated and held by the catch.

Tilt weapon to the right side to let gravity aid in allowing case to fall out of weapon.

Again attempt to fire.

Position 3 Failure to extract.
Weapon fails to extract empty case in chamber, and attempts to feed another into chamber.

On this malfunction, I have taken a knee to simulate taking cover behind an object.

Attempt to fire, weapon feels funny due to trigger having slack in it, because carrier is being held to the rear.

This is a bad pic, but this is a position 3 malfunction.

First, when weapon fails to fire, observe to see what you are dealing with.

To clear, first remove magazine from weapon, and discard or place in dump pouch. I just dumped mine on the ground here for illustration.

Work charging handle 3 times to clear all rounds from weapon.

Insert a fresh magazine from your carrier.

Again attempt to fire.